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DK - German Medical Diagnostic Center Ltd., Ansari Square, Third Street, Shahr-e-Nau, Kabul, Afghanistan

Technical information

The website is coded in HTML5 and CSS3. The backbone of the code will validate against the W3C's Markup Validation Service and CSS Validation Service but, as with most websites out there, the finished pages will not. It makes minimal use of PHP for redirecting visitors to external websites and counting page visits and some use of JavaScript on our gallery page as well as for stateful email obfuscation.

Our website sets a single cookie with a compact privacy policy that serves only to identify unique visitors in a given 24 hour period and helps us assess which of our website's pages are the most visited. You may, of course, block this cookie in your browser but we kindly ask you to let it remain set as this will enable us to adapt our online offering to our valued customers' needs better in the future.

If you are using Adblock Plus, we kindly ask you to disable it whilst browsing our website or to whitelist it permanently. Our website does not make use of any advertising, pop-up or otherwise, but Adblock Plus' routines can, on some systems, cause the images used on our website to not display properly and interferes with the display of the visitor counter on our home page.

Equally, some products such as Norton Internet Security block images that have dimensions corresponding to advertisement banners. If you can see our logo at the top of the page but not the address of our clinic to the right of it, please whitelist our website in your antivirus or internet security program settings.

Currently our website does not work very well with mobile phone browsers such as the Apple iPhone Safari browser. When using browser such as these you will be limited to viewing the home page, the news section (via the menu links) and the legal information and contact directory pages (via the footer links). We will try to make an updated version of our website available soon that alleviates these issues.

The DK - German Medical Diagnostic Center Ltd. actively discourages hotlinking and measures are in place to prevent the unauthorised use of images and files available from our website. If you have a legitimate reason for linking to a given image or file directly, please contact the webmaster to obtain formal permission.

No piece of code of the complexity of a website is one person's work alone and we gratefully acknowledge the use of source code from the following great projects and websites. We encourage any interested technical parties to familiarise themselves with their offerings should they like our website and wish to design something similar:

  • The 960 Grid System, an excellent CSS framework for building column-oriented websites. This provides the backbone of our website.
  • The New CSS Sticky Footer, a sticky-footer coded in validating CSS that works across all major browsers. The contact information at the bottom of each page of our website is built with this.
  • The PHP Junkyard Text Hit Counter, a nifty little PHP script that outputs unique visitor numbers as pure text. The visitor counter on our index page is powered by this as well as the invisible page hit counters on our other pages.
  • The jQuery JavaScript library which provides a plethora of convenient functions for JavaScript developers. On our page this is used to run Slimbox 2 on our gallery page.
  • The Slimbox 2 lightbox clone for jQuery, a simple yet sophisticated gallery script. We use this to display images from our gallery in a fashion that is convenient to navigate for our visitors.
  • The pipwerks email obfuscation script, a lightweight way of dealing with spambots. We use this to provide stateful email address obfuscation across our website.
  • The Google Web Fonts repository, which finally allows the use of pretty fonts on websites without them being installed locally. We use this repository to provide the two fonts our website uses.
We strongly welcome feedback and suggestions related to our website. To this end please contact the webmaster.