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DK - German Medical Diagnostic Center Ltd., Ansari Square, Third Street, Shahr-e-Nau, Kabul, Afghanistan

Services NOT provided

The DK - German Medical Diagnostic Center Ltd. is primarily a day clinic with strong diagnostic focus. Even though we are pleased to be able to serve our valued clients through the expertise of our foreign physicians and dentists who have large emergency room and trauma experience we regret that there are three areas in particular that we cannot serve.

As we lack the necessary facilities we cannot provide overnight stays and inpatient care. We can make cautious recommendations as to where both national and international patients could seek hospitalisation including overnight stays.

Due to the absence of an anaesthesiologist amongst our staff we do not carry out surgical procedures requiring general anaesthesia and limit ourselves to those procedures that can be performed by our skilled surgeons under local anaesthesia only.

Lastly, and as a result, we do not provide emergency care in trauma cases (life-threatening wounds) nor can we accept patients that are not concious. The decision to admit a patient with more serious or complicated wounds requiring care is made entirely at the discretion of our Resident Physician.