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Hygiene training

Hygiene training The DK - German Medical Diagnostic Center Ltd. is proud to announce the general availability of hygiene and safety trainings for food handlers, housekeepers and kitchen personnel. We are offering this service as the main cause of avoidable cases of stomach upsets, food poisonings and diarrhea are low levels of hygiene during the preparation, the transfer and the storage of foodstuffs.

These trainings are geared towards corporate customers and require a minimum attendance of eight trainees to be carried out. The training is broken down into three easily manageable units of two hours each that can be delivered all on one day or spread over two consecutive days. Training charges are levied in function of the number of trainees booked.

Aside from the actual training delivered in either English or Dari, copies of the training script, bilingual laminated printouts of standard operating procedures and laminated A3 size posters detailing hygiene rules and hygiene colour codes are also provided.

The following topics are covered by the training

  • Why is food hygiene important?
  • What is food contamination?
  • How to avoid food contamination
  • Environmental hygiene
  • Kitchen equipment and cutlery
  • Cooking procedures
  • Parasite life cycles and sources of infection
  • Fire safety in the kitchen
  • General hygiene rules and colour codes (SOP)
  • Hand washing and sanitising (SOP)
  • Dishwashing (SOP)
  • Washing and disinfecting fruit and vegetables (SOP)
  • Cleaning and disinfecting refrigerators and water dispensers (SOP)

For further information regarding these trainings and booking enquiries, please feel free to contact our B2B team via (in English, Dari and Pashto) or call on +93 (0)70 6060 141.

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