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Here at the DK - German Medical Diagnostic Center Ltd. we understand that not every one of our valued clients is a private individual who comes to our facility as a walk-in patient. We are proud to be serving a large number of corporate customers as well.

Our corporate customer profile consists mainly of contractors, commercial companies, the embassies of foreign nations, governmental organisations, non-governmental organisations, development organisations and foundations. All of these required tailored services and alternative modes of billing.

Having recognised these customers' special requirements from the very beginning, we have built up a dedicated B2B / volume services team that handles requests that go beyond individual patient visits.

On this page we offer an overview of the services available to our corporate clients as provided by our committed and dedicated B2B team which can serve you in Dari, Pashto, English and Urdu.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your corporate enquiry via the details provided on this page and the B2B / volume services section of our contact directory page.

Billing, GoPs and insurances:

Mr. Ashfaque Ahmad, Chief of Back Office can assist you with queries relating to billing, GoPs and insurances. He can be reached via +93 (0)702 962927 or +93 (0)706 060146 and (in English, Urdu and Arabic or English and Dari).

He can also provide you with information on how to set up alternative billing arrangements such as monthly billing. In order to avail yourself of these opportunities please do include information about your company, your authorised contact persons and licencing in Afghanistan when contacting them.

  • Billing arrangements other than cash payments
  • Corporate invoice queries
  • Guarantees of payment
  • Insurance claims
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Official testing and int'l relations:

Mrs. Fauziya Yusofi, Public Relations Officer, can assist you with queries relating to Kingdom of Belgium immigrant visa examinations, Federal Republic of Germany medical examination requirements and services relating to other English-speaking nations as well as document shipping to foreign nations by courier for the purpose of sealed report deliveries and can be reached via +93 (0)706 060145 and (in English and Dari).

She can address your every need as relates to medical examinations required by foreign nations as a patient and, equally, liaise with representatives of said nations to implement standard examinations that meet their requirements.

  • Immigrant visa examinations
  • DNA test sampling
  • Sealed report deliveries
  • Foreign government medical requirements
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On-site visits:

Mr. Mohammad Bilal Amiri and Mr. Abdul Rabi Jalili, Public Relations Officers, can assist you with queries relating to on-site visits and health campaigns that need to take place at specific sites throughout Afghanistan. They can be reached via +93 (0)706 060150 and (in English and Dari) and (in English, Dari and Pashto) respectively.

They can provide you with information on how the DK - German Medical Diagnostic Center Ltd. can send physicians, technicians and clerical staff to your place of work, site or encampment so you can avail yourself of our diagnostic and examination services without sending large volumes of patients to our facility in Kabul.

  • On-site visits
  • Diagnostic and examination services outside of our facility
  • Health campaigns
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